Hi, I’m Kremena, nice to meet you!

The story about me and my passion for a greener and healthier life started with my interest in a healthy lifestyle more than 15 years ago. A little later, naturally, these searches merged with the topic of green and ecological lifestyle and my focus became natural products. During that time, I read tons of information and tried hundreds of products.

Of course, I quickly realized that it’s hard to be truly green in an urban setting without sacrificing the lifestyle you’ve chosen or too much of the time we often don’t have. Often, this is where many people give up or choose extremes. For me, things are in balance. Can you choose a few small products that add green to your life and health, that really work effectively and fit into the rhythm of your daily life without having to move to live in the countryside? I found many of mine and it was often a long process of trial and error. 

At one point, I realized I was giving advice on choosing superfoods or organic cosmetics to a wider range of people, and that the knowledge and experience I had gained over time could be useful. That’s how this blog was born. I have personally and for a long period of time tried all the products described in the blog, I share my personal experience and know-how. I support the information I give with links to research where it is relevant.

And, yes, I’m certified diet and nutritional advisor.

And I’m Pasha 🙂 

I’m a marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. I have worked in various places around the world and currently I have established myself in the beautiful Lisbon. Through the years, I gathered my knowledge and improved my skills. Now, that on the top of my marketing skills, I also built some SEO knowledge, I started to help with My Green Break. I have always been interested in a green and sustainable way of living and with my sister (a.k.a. Kremena) giving me advice on what I should eat and what vitamins I should take, the process has always been easier.

Now, I’m helping the blog with displaying the valuable information in the best possible way and reaching a larger number of people.


take a break for your greener-self!

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