The Herb That Is a Life-Changer for Every Woman – Shatavari, The Queen of Herbs

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Is there a herb that can make us younger, more beautiful, more radiant and even happier?
There is and its name is Shatavari, the queen of herbs and the best herb for women. Together with ashwagandha, Shatavari is one of the best herbs for maintaining vital energy, immunity and reproductive functions of the female body.

The reason I love herbs and superfoods is that with one plant you usually get so much! It sounds magical and the most wonderful thing is that it is food in its essence, real and natural by nature. And unlike nourishing superfoods like spirulina and chlorella, which charge us with energy, herbs such as shatavari and ashwagandha regulate our hormonal system and digestion in depth, which returns the whole body to a healthy balance.

And what could be better if there is a universal herb that could positively affect almost every woman from teenage age to menopausal woman. A herb that can help go through all the changes in the body over the years and it is even claimed to slow down ageing, makes us more beautiful and more feminine – shatavari.

Shatavari in Ayurveda

Shatavari is known as the queen of herbs in Ayurveda, the ancient science of life. In translation, the name means “the one who has a hundred men”, which speaks pointedly about the properties of the herb. It is the most widely used herb in all women’s life cycles and aid in any kind of hormonal imbalance and its subsequent effects.

Shatavari is one of the most important rasayans in Ayurveda – rayans are the tonics associated with rejuvenation and recovery of all tissues in the human body. They improve the body’s defensive mechanisms, promote physical and mental health, and provide strength and long life. The goals of rasayanas include slowing down ageing, increasing life expectancy, promoting intelligence and physical strength and increasing disease resistance. They are similar to adaptogens, which increase the resistance of organisms to various types of stress. Shatavari is the best tonic for the female reproductive system. It gives women strength,
youth and beauty.

How shatavari affects the female body


Stress is deeply ingrained in society and women are often exposed to psychological, physical and physiological stressors. Psychological stress unbalances our hormones as well, makes us emotionally unstable from which follow quite a bit of problem, fatigue and loss of our purely feminine energy. Shatavari balances energy levels in the female body throughout all life cycles – from the beginning of the menstrual cycle, through motherhood until menopause.

The content of phytoestrogens successfully supports the female body in all phases when we feel a drop in the hormone estrogen in our body. Shatavari relieves PMS, the burden of menstruation helps young mothers with lactation, relieves the symptoms of premenopause and menopause. Moreover, it is claimed that it can delay the onset of menopause and help the female body to adapt more easily and go smoothly through this period, retaining its femininity.

Shatavari effectively regulates hormones and gives emotional stability and balance through each phase of a woman’s life. And this is all that makes us beautiful, calm and happy.

Shatavari is an antidepressant


In addition to favouring in every way the hormonal balance in the female body, shatavari also promotes the production of serotonin in the body. That wonderful substance has the property of just making us happy. And as I wrote here, serotonin also helps us to successfully regulate our weight.

Digestion and gastric ulcers

Shatavari successfully and gently takes care of our digestion. Do you remember how much
it is vital for our health – here I write in detail about it.

Shatavari has been found to successfully protect the lining of the stomach and cool burns
sensations. In this way it successfully treats gastric ulcers. This is one of the few herbs useful in debilitated individuals who are underweight as a result of inflammation and imbalance of the digestive system. In addition to the suppression of fermentation in the intestines, shatavari cools inflammation and burning in the lower abdomen.

Shatavari is equally effective in constipation and diarrhea. Its regulating properties return
intestines to balance. Shatavari is a diuretic, effectively helping to expel retained fluids and toxins in our organism.

Antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial

Studies show that taking shatavari improves antioxidant protection and reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Studies have found that shatavari root plays a vital role in the stimulation of immune cells. It stimulates the cells that fight the infection, reducing the total
population of cells causing infections. As an anti-inflammatory, it soothes burning sensations, cools and reduces inflammation in the body. Perhaps best of all that it is an antimicrobial herb that makes it useful for candida and bacterial imbalance in the gut. It has very few nutrients antimicrobials. Therefore, Shatavari is invaluable to those who are exhausted by chronic bacterial overgrowth in the intestine.

Shatavari anti-aging effect

A study was conducted in 2005, according to which the antioxidant properties of shatavari can reduce the damage that free radicals cause to our skin and thus increase the formation of wrinkles. It turns out that shatavari can prevent collagen loss. Great, isn’t it? Shatavati could be the next big thing in anti-aging skin care.

Did I convince you? Do you have a reason not to try Shatavari today? 😊 You can order it here!

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