How to Easily Eliminate Fatigue and Have Energy and Brilliance According to Ayurveda

It is amazing how knowledge of 5,000 years can be an easy and simple explanation of modern problems that science sometimes finds difficult to deal with, and when it finds an answer, it is in tune with the knowledge of Ancient Ayurveda, the science of life.

Such is the case with the so-called Ojas, which in Sanskrit literally mean strength of body and mind, energy, ability. Ojas are our reservoir of energy – physical and mental. They are also seen as the foundation of our immune system. Accordingly, when our Ojas are well cared for and full, our body is much more resistant to stress, disease and the negative impact of the environment and negative emotions. Ojas are also related to fertility and the way our body ages, so it’s really good to make sure we have them full. It turns out that Ayurveda also has a universal solution for this, namely the so-called first superfood – the herbal mixture Chyavanprash – a traditional Indian formula, a mixture of more than 40 herbs that quickly and powerfully restore our energy and return us to our natural life balance and brilliance.

Ojas and their influence on our energy level

The easiest way to understand exactly what Ojas are, is to imagine how we feel when we are full of energy and, most importantly, the time when we feel literally exhausted. At this time, we are prone to infections, often catch colds, and sometimes we may even end up with herpes in the morning. We feel super tired, emotionally unstable and it is difficult for us to solve another problem. We fall into a complete intolerance of the lack of tact and sensitivity in other people. This is a good description of how we feel in our body and psyche when our Ojas are reduced.

At such times, the surrounding stress accumulates in the body and can lead to disease. The fatigue of the cells increases and the tissues become relaxed, their normal function is disturbed. Not only do we feel tired, but we look like that. The way we perceive the world is changing and we are becoming more vulnerable to negativity in people and the environment.

What lowers Ojas

What lowers the Ojas or energy and defences of the body is easily predictable, and is unfortunately commonplace in our modern society. These are:
Stress and anxiety
Emotional trauma
Negative emotions such as anger, selfishness, nervousness
Physical trauma and chronic pain
Bad sleep
Too much travel

Age – after 50 years Ojas naturally decrease
We all have at least 1-2 of them, right? Let’s see what we can do to solve this problem.

How to increase Ojas and your energy

One of the keys is to eat healthy food, full of vital energy and suitable for our body type. Such foods are Ghee, warm milk with Indian spices, rice pudding, dates, raisins, almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, whole grains, coconut, avocado, berry and juicy fruits. Good digestion is also very important to make sure we absorb nutrients from food well.

It is also important not to drink too much coffee, not to work too much, to get enough sleep and to find time for things that make us enjoy life. Such are hobbies and other pleasant things that we enjoy such as to practice breathing and meditation, to do balancing exercises.

Urgently increase our strength and energy with Chyavanprash

Often things are on the verge of exhaustion and we urgently need to restore our balance and energy. We can quickly help ourselves and raise the level of Ojas through traditional Indian herbs. Chyavanprash is an extremely powerful traditional Ayurvedic herbal formula that is formulated specifically to enhance Ojas. It contains over 40 herbs that will help you regain your strength and vitality.

Chyavanprash is also a powerful immune stimulant that also supports the normal function of the heart and digestive system. Chyawanprash also has a rejuvenating effect, has been used successfully and for many years to make the skin look younger and to achieve a long and healthy life. It is a very good source of vitamin C, which is essential for the human body. Regular intake of Chyavanprash maintains the intellect, makes the memory strong, gives a divine glow to the skin, raises immunity levels, promotes longevity, gives strength to the sensory organs and stimulates digestion.

Boost Ojas with other herbs

Also, there are extremely powerful Ayurvedic herbs, rich in the herbal version of Ojas, that you can use on your own. Such are ashwagandha and shatavari . Through them we can also help each other and return to balance.

Other herbs that increase Ojas are those that are rich in nutrients such as nettle, dandelion, parsley.

Isn’t it amazing how a daily science can help us with many of today’s problems to rebalance our bodies, tired of the modern way of life, significantly improve our way of life and return us to our natural balance of life.

Worth a try!

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