Spring Green Detox Wave and How Amazing Wheat Grass Actually Is

Spring is the season when my body starts wanting more green food. And what is more natural than that? Nature blooms, the body wakes up and turns to its need for nutrient detoxification after a long winter. It’s no secret that with a normal diet without supplements, our cells are quite hungry at the end of winter. The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the sun, the lack of enough sun and vitamin D after the long cold months and staying at home are factors that we need to take care of. Green leafy vegetables are the best nourishing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory food we can give our body this season, in its natural form or as a green superfood, such as the amazing wheat grass.

Why green leafy?

Because it is natural. Green leafy vegetables are the first naturally growing vegetables in the spring, and according to many experts, seasonal nutrition is something that is good to follow. The same is with wheat grass, which sprouts in nature in early spring. Greens are also the unifying of all diets that you can think of. Raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, keto, paleo … everyone knows about their benefits and includes them in their daily menu.

Here are some reasons why adding green leafy foods to your diet can do wonders for your body

They are rich in chlorophyll – It is the most powerful antioxidant or phytonutrient known to mankind. Therefore, it is no coincidence that among the most useful superfoods are greens. As a molecular structure, chlorophyll resembles that of haemoglobin, thus increasing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to every cell in the body. Not to be overlooked is the fact that it has a strong detoxifying and regenerating effect on the liver.

They are rich in enzymes – оur body needs 700 different types of enzymes to work perfectly.

They take care of maintaining the alkaline-acid balance in the body

They are rich in fiber – Fiber helps peristalsis to work normally and expel substances unnecessary for the body.

They contain all important vitamins and minerals for the body

They are a complete protein. Most green leafy vegetables contain all 8 essential amino acids, so they are considered a complete protein, unlike all other vegetables, where there are only 7 of the required 8 amino acids.

Should I take green superfoods as supplements?

Yes! Alas, yes! I want to say, eat natural vegetables grown in the countryside and in the sun, but there is no need to lie that access to such is easy and hassle-free. Most leafy greens grow in greenhouses, in artificial light and heavily fertilized to grow faster and larger. Once detached, they travel a long way to the supermarket, often treated with chemicals to last faster. Exactly how many useful substances are in them after this process? It turns out not much. According to research, fruits and vegetables today have lost up to 80% of their content of valuable substances. And it turns out again, our stomachs are full and our cells are hungry.

Therefore, as much as I love huge green salads and do not deprive myself of them, I also take a green food supplement every day during the months when it is cold and vegetables are grown in greenhouses – usually from December to April. Whether it is spirulina, chlorella, nettle or wheat grass, the choice is entirely yours. For me it works well to alternate them at certain periods or to take them in combination, for example spirulina with chlorella. This definitely fills me with energy in a natural way and I get the vitamins and minerals I need in a completely balanced and natural way. The bonus is that my skin acquires a fresh look, atypical for this time of year.

What is wheat grass and what more does it give us

Wheat grass is a green superfood that I especially like to use in the spring.

Wheat grass has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, being mainly used to detoxify the body and increase its alkalinity, due to the high content of chlorophyll – about 70%. One of the richest sources of vitamin A and vitamin C. It contains a full and balanced range of easily digestible B vitamins, incl. B17, which is believed to destroy certain cancer cells without affecting healthy ones. Wheat grass contains organic calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium in a balanced ratio. It delivers iron to the blood, improving blood circulation. It contains 92 of the 102 minerals found in plants. Wheat grass is considered food because it contains all the necessary amino acids for the human body.

Like all other green superfoods, it is believed to lower blood pressure, help eliminate accumulated drug residues in the body, cleanse the liver, promote rapid wound healing, neutralize metabolic toxins in the body, affect blood sugar.

In conclusion, whatever green superfood you decide to add to your daily routine, the benefits will be endless and your body will thank you! Feed your cells!

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