What It Actually Means to Be Healthy and 3 Ways to Help Each Other on the Way to It

What does it really mean to be healthy? Easy question, right? The opposite of being sick, not to visit our doctor too often, not to take medicines, to have a strong and beautiful body, to live long? Is it enough? Do things such as natural creams or supplements or special diets really help us?

Until recently, I thought so as well, as I read a definition of a great Eastern teacher – “Health care is in the name of a full life. One lives only in a vital way. To live a life full of vitality, to be, to act, not just to exist. To have the strength and desire to live fully every day, to be ready to react to everything that life has brought you. This is health, to be in your life here and now. And not to lose it in the monotonous daily life of the working week and obligations, without a memory of the past days. To be energetic, to smile, to love, to hug without stopping for a second, “until life is filled with life.”

Obviously, we need to feel good mentally and physically to be here and now and to face life openly. And can we improve the state of our psyche by improving the state of our body? Because can we feel good if our body is not feeling well? If it hurts here and there, we are tired and have no energy every day, do we feel swollen and ugly? There is no way we can be happy in a body that does not feel good. Strong spirit in a strong body.

How to do it? Many people are looking for an answer. I was also looking for it and the answer I found was that there was not a single answer. The environment, in which we live is often far from healthy. Smog, traffic, getting up with an alarm, work stress and long hours indoors sitting in a chair in front of a screen. And while a green lifestyle is often the answer to the question of a more balanced body, achieving it in an urban setting is often a particular challenge.

So my way is to find easy and quick ways to help my body in the little time I have between office and home tasks.

Here are a few of them.

Stress and breathing

What to do when life surprises us and presents us with another stressful situation? Breathe! Sounds easy doesn’t it? And how far does your breath go? Deep breathing is the easiest and most effective way to feel good in your body and to overcome stress. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, the body is very tight and our breathing is often shallow, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot breathe really deeply. What should we do?

It is best to move. Running, walking, motor practices such as yoga, tai chi or others, or just play loud music and dance crazy in the middle of the living room 😊

Take a hot tub, shower, sauna. Hot water relaxes the body and you feel better afterwards.

Use adaptogens. My favorite ashwagandha has saved me in more than one or two tense states, managing to instantly calm me down and ensure good sleep.

Do each of these things together or separately and your body will thank you!


No, this is not about chocolate and ice cream! They only help at the beginning and then they let you down the fast sugar slide and the next quick thing to eat. Give your body real food that will nourish your cells, reduce inflammation and give it enough antioxidants to protect it. The body will thank you!

And if you don’t have time, use superfoods. Spirulina and chlorella for purification and energy, Ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha and turmeric, fish oil for glowing skin and only when we need it – pure vitamins such as vitamin D.

To look good

One of the things that always improves my mood is when I like the image in the mirror. And, buying a new garment definitely helps, let’s not be fooled, but with shiny and healthy skin everything looks good on us and we look fresh and vibrant. And if all of the above contributes to your skin being healthy from the inside out, then it’s good to take care of its radiant finish.
Favorite natural cream, mask with scented oils, and serum with retinol, all that will make you feel cared for shiny.

And now smile at yourself and tell yourself that you love yourself. And go out and enjoy life!

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