3 Ways to Balance Healthy Eating and Modern Life

Nutrition means to supply the body with the food it needs to survive. What does this mean? It means not only supplying the body with the necessary calories, but also with all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates necessary for its survival in good health and well-being. Yes, carbohydrates are important and don’t just mean the chocolate dessert we try not to think about. And all this must be in the right quantities and balance – every day.

How easy was it to provide this before industrial food when the empty calorie factor did not exist, and how difficult is it to achieve it now, in the fast-paced city, between coffee and a quick lunch sandwich or pizza on Friday night? No, I’m not telling you to give them up or feel guilty about eating them. Yes!

Because nutrition is a matter of balance, and denying something puts you off it. Everywhere we are flooded with information about the nutritional value of individual products, the useful qualities and composition of foods, which foods to eat to be healthier. And we try them, include them in our menu, but how often and in what balance. This turns out to be the complicated part.

Another thing that often undermines the supply of enough nutrients are the perpetual diets and diets that we try to follow. Less food often means less nutrients.

Many people dedicate their lives to how to ensure this balance with their daily diet, plan and consider every shopping, menu, and yes, it works, but it often means sacrificing a tasty meal with friends or getting rid of the temptation to eat something forever. Not so useful. And often this effort puts the body in imbalance and stress, which is detrimental at all levels.

Ok, what to do then? Here are my 3 ways that work for me and help me feed my body properly without going to extremes.

1. Superfoods

Superfoods are natural foods that are rich in nutrients. They have high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. If the most useful foods have two to three nutritional properties, the superfoods often have 12 or more. The good thing is that this is actually food and unlike synthetic vitamins and minerals, everything is in the perfect proportion and you can hardly reach an overdose. In addition to the benefits of using them as a natural green multivitamin, superfoods can often improve your physical and mental health, boost your immune system and metabolism.

So this is my number one weapon for quick reaction and delivery of all the substances my body needs, even on the days when I know that I have not eaten in the most useful way.

My favourite green superfoods are spirulina , chlorella and wheatgrass.

2. Omega – 3

As I wrote, achieving the right fat balance is not an easy thing. And since the lack of this balance can lead to quite unfavourable consequences, I try to ensure it by taking fish oil often. In addition to the overall health benefits, fish oil takes care of the glowing appearance of my skin from the inside out.

3. Rule 80-20

Nothing is good when it’s too good, so I don’t go to extremes. No, I don’t just eat pizza and superfoods, but I also don’t get obsessed with healthy eating. The rule is simple – 80 percent of healthy foods – when and how we can provide them and 20 percent of everything else we eat, but do not afford every day. In other words – eat that piece of cake and eat it with pleasure and enjoyment. But not every day 😊.

The rule can easily be transformed into 90-10 or 70-30, as needed and without unnecessary obsession. It’s just that at the end of the day it’s good to make sure not only is our stomach full, but our cells are well nourished, one way or another.

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