Say ‘YES’ to a Young and Glowing Skin with Retinol

Do you use serums? And those with retinol? And are there any with natural ingredients? I personally hesitated for a long time. Do I need another product besides face cream? I decided to give it a try and I do not regret it. If there is anything even more magical than my favorite face cream, it is my retinol serum.

Retinol has more than a controversial fame, that’s why many women are hesitant to use it. The information on Internet about it is often mixed and sometimes confusing. However, no matter the opinions about it, one thing is clear – dermatologists think of it as a miracle of nature and as one of the most effective means to combat wrinkles and signs of skin aging.

What is retinol and how it works

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is found in animal and plant foods. Dermatologists explain its rejuvenating effect by claiming that it not only stimulates the formation of collagen, but also slows down its breakdown. Initially, retinol was intended primarily for the treatment of acne, but thanks to its positive and, above all, fast action to slow down the aging process of the skin, it has become an extremely important component in anti-aging cosmetics.

“The only thin layer of epithelium is that of dead cells, and that’s where the signs of aging appear,” said Dr. Leslie Bowman, one of America’s most famous dermatologists. Retinol acts as a powerful antioxidant and, thanks to its ability to exfoliate the skin, it helps to quickly remove dead skin cells and stimulates the formation of collagen fibres.

Why retinol is so strong in the fight against wrinkles

Collagen acts in the lower layers of the skin as a base. With age, collagen production decreases and leads to wrinkles and fine lines. Here retinol already plays a role: the base of the skin becomes more stable and the depth of wrinkles softens.

In this way, it slows down the signs of skin aging, smooths wrinkles and also improves the density and strengthens the skin.

“Start using Retinol around 30 to have healthy and thick skin when you turn 40!”, Says Dr. Howard Murad – a dermatologist of Hollywood stars, among the top five most famous dermatologists in the world.

What are the other benefits of using retinol in cosmetics

Balances the pH of the skin, regulates oiliness and shrinks pores, which refreshes the skin and makes it radiant. It is an indispensable helper in the fight against acne and clogged pores.

Retinol visibly reduces pigment spots, evens out the complexion, successfully corrects acne scars.

Retinol stimulates skin renewal at the cellular level, revealing fresher, smoother and, quite literally, newer, rejuvenated skin.

“Green” serum with retinol?

Naturally, as with other cosmetics, my preferences were focused on finding retinol serum with natural ingredients. I tried several of my favorite site for supplements and natural cosmetics – iHerb and after one or two unsuccessful attempts with various serums and moisturizers containing retinol, I found my favorites. They do not contain parabens, SLS / SLES, mineral oil, formaldehyde releasers, synthetic dyes, petroleum, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), DEA / MEA / TEA, unsafe preservatives and more.

Artnaturals, Retinol Serum, .33 fl oz (10 ml) – a powerful serum with retinol, natural oils and other ingredients, which for me had an absolutely instant effect of smoothing the skin, shrinking the pores and a radiant effect. This immediately made him my new favorite. The bonus is that in small packages of 10 ml. at a low price and you can buy 5 separately instead of one pack of 50 ml. This ensures that it will not oxidize until you finish the bottle.

InstaNatural, Retinol Serum, Youth Restoring, 1 fl oz (30 ml) – a strong and balanced combination in which the action of retinol is supplemented with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, CoQ10. Only after using the first package, my skin visibly changed its structure, it is refreshed, the dryness and visibility of fine wrinkles decreased sharply. The skin looks thicker and smoother.

Does retinol irritate the skin?

It is often said that the use of retinol can be dangerous and cause irritation, redness and burning of the skin. As the uppermost stratum corneum of the skin is removed from the peeling effect of retinol, the natural protection of dead cell layers can be compromised. This increases the sensitivity to light and the risk of sunburn.

Tips to avoid these negative effects are to start with smaller doses, apply only on dry skin, use only in the evening, apply moisturizer after it and use daily cream / make-up with sun protection factor. Other tips even go further, advising not to use them in the summer.

Finally, we must be especially careful not to use retinoid products (in any form) during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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